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Perfectly good definitions for the words determination, focus and graft already exist, but Evelyn still put a whole new level of meaning on them throughout her prep!

Already being experienced in the gym and knowledgeable on nutrition, Evelyn had lost her way a bit, slipped into habits that she was unhappy with and wanted a new goal to focus on. With a photoshoot in the back of her mind for some time, she decided to lock it in as a goal and reached out for help getting there. She clearly nailed the entire process, with us seeing a huge level of body recomp and getting some epic shots on shoot day as a result. The level of commitment from her has been inspiring to see!

We didn’t need to do anything extreme, just adapted the principles into methods that would suit Ev’s lifestyle. Then it was a case of her putting it into place relentlessly. 
Evelyn now has set new goals and jumped straight back into working on them, with no ill effects to her relationship with her physique or food. Flexibility with food and social occasions is high while still having focus for the next stage of her journey. She improved her strength and fitness significantly while prepping for her shoot and has continued to do so post shoot.

"Fantastic service. Sean is a real pro. I already had a lot of experience with exercise and nutrition from years of competing in martial arts but decided to work with Sean in the lead up to my wedding. I learned so much from working with him and his flexible approach made the whole process very easy. Even with an existing injury that I was carrying and tearing my meniscus in the middle of the program at BJJ I progressed every week thanks to Sean's guidance. I lost 9 kilos in 12 weeks whilst gaining muscle and being able to enjoy nights out that came up. Sean's guidance around adapting to unexpected injury's that can occur or prepare for nights out/party's etc made the 12 weeks fly without any suffering. Whether you have lots of experience in exercise and nutrition or a complete beginner I'd highly recommend Sean to anyone looking to improve their nutritional and exercise habits."

Luke Daly

I am just forever grateful for you to have me on board the last 12 weeks. Not only you gave me the best exercises to get me stronger than I ever was but being my biggest support in all the issues that life thrown on me. You are the best coach anyone can wish for and no doubt I'll return to you in the future once everything settled.


Thanks for being you, all the help and useful info, and being with me on this journey"

Nora Modos

John started out in a place of wanting to drop some weight, improve some health markers that were starting to creep into the concerning range, get more active, increase his energy and improve his food intake. He works long hours in a seated position with a long commute, meaning his activity levels were very low and his diet was mostly composed of full sugar fizzy drinks and convenient snacks. This is a very common situation but the turnaround went very smoothly here with a few simple strategies to implement from me, and a lot of persistence, consistency and patience from John.

He dropped 
around 13kg, 23.5cm off the waist and 17.5cm off the hips. This has included enjoying a takeaway or meal out most weeks, some chocolate most days, navigating busy / stressful weeks, adding in some exercise that he enjoys and prioritising rest and recovery. 

"Sean is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always there and gives 100% help and support. His knowledge is amazing about fitness & nutrition. You can bombard him with as many questions as many you want and he will answer every last one of them, even if you ask the same thing multiple times.

When he started working with me I had no experience in working out and I was over 290 lbs. 
He did his miracle, now I'm 242 lbs and go 6 times a week to the gym.

I could not recommend him more."

Andras Palinkas

"Honestly Sean I cannot be more thankful for the advice over the past 6 months, the patience and understanding.


I don't think I'd ever have been able to start this journey without you.


I would never have the knowledge I have and more of an understanding about my body before coming to you, I am really thankful for all your help"

Tara Dunphy

Lauren Swanton

Lauren came to me with the goal of cutting down a bit in order to put her in a better position to spend some time in a lean muscle gain phase. She clearly more than achieved this, making fantastic progress to get to the point she was aiming for.


Lauren's attitude and great work ethic made her a pleasure to coach! Most of her journey in our time working together consisted of home workouts with minimal equipment, clearly showing that great results can happen even without gym access. 


Having good experience and knowledge of training and nutrition already as a qualified PT herself, one of Lauren's main reasons for getting started with coaching was for accountability. This is the key aspect of coaching for many people. 

"Now that the dust has settled on the wedding, I want to give a big shout out to Seán @ Adaptive Health for helping me to lose 4 stone between the start of lockdown (March 2020) and the wedding (April 2021).

I wouldn't have been able to do this without Seán's help and expertise. Seán has a lot of knowledge and experience in how to help people to meet their health & fitness goals (especially online given how things work remotely nowadays) and I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for help to reach their goals because I definitely wouldn't have reached mine without him!"

Conor O'Donovan

Untitled design (16).png

Dylan's journey has been a pleasure to be a part of so far. We started with some building phases, focusing on adding muscle while laying the foundations for which any successful physique transformation will be built upon. From here, Dylan committed to prepping for his first photoshoot which had been a long term goal of his. We faced plenty of challenges along the way but still reached shoot day in fantastic condition to unveil the work put in.


Dylan was meticulous in keeping on top of every area, ticking all the boxes and leaving no stone unturned, while still being able to enjoy the approach and relax for some social occasions! He’s learned more about nutrition along the way, taken his strength to an all time high and nailed down important lifestyle factors like sleep and stress management. 

For Dylan this is just the beginning with some exciting plans in the pipeline!

"Thanks so much, I really appreciate it all you have been a great help and the plan was so nice and easy to follow."

Keelin Buckley

Kevin Collins

Kevin made incredible progress in a very short time frame.

Kevin's aim of muscle gain was clearly achieved but we can also see he maintained a lot of definition alongside that which only happens with a very focused and consistent approach. Kevin had a very hectic work week and long days so the first hurdle was getting structure in place with both food and training

When I say the approach was very focused and consistent, that doesn't mean this was non-stop eating and training. Calorie intake was set high to match Kevin’s high output but we ticked that off through utilising high calorie / low volume foods (more calories for less food). He did 3-4 gym sessions per week, pushing hard in them to improve in 3 areas - muscle, strength and cardio fitness.

Great result achieved! 

"You've given me such a love for the gym and taking care of myself and I'm so grateful.

Can't explain how happy I am with the results it's given me confidence in myself that I've never had"

Aifric Cronin-Daly

"Good to see the progress I could make without changing my lifestyle much at all. Just good workouts and better eating habits"

Matthew Keane

"I came to Sean with the goal of shedding 3 to 4 stone.


Sean set me up with a calorie based nutrition plan which I stuck to over the next 10 months and so far I have lost 50 pounds, which I am more than delighted with.


Hard work and dedication was key but without Sean's help and advice I couldn't have done it! Sean was very efficient and quickly got back to me on any questions I had"

Aileen Fitzgerald 

Untitled design (8).png

Dieting while in season for a sport like GAA can easily compromise performance, but for the right individual, with the right approach and management it can be doable. In Colm’s case, we saw a level of body recomposition and improvements to strength, fitness and speed that actually improved his performance on the pitch whilst getting leaner! This phase also included regular nights out, a flexible eating approach and a weeks holiday, showing again that fat loss is achievable without sacrificing your life or imposing excessive restrictions.

With the bulk of his sport commitments over for winter, we set new aims to push into a muscle building phase and focus on improving further physically, with improvements to speed being a big priority. We can then tidy things up again at a later stage before GAA enters full swing again. 
Looking forward to seeing what’s still to come for this man in the months ahead!

"Wanna give the biggest shout-out to Sean who has helped me so much the last while!

Results don't lie and I'm not even finished my training yet! 100% give Sean a try! He's a gem"

Tara Hayes

"I really enjoyed it.

You were great, always checking in and changing things up when I wanted and needed to"

Susanne Dillon

Andy came to me with the aims of getting leaner, along with improving all round physical capability and feeling more energised.

We had plenty of challenges pop up from the get go, from less than ideal work set ups to a gym with very limited opening hours. But I’ve seen this man adapt to every situation and still get the necessary done. Unreal to see the work he’s put in and results achieved so far and I have no doubt there is more to come.

Managing expectations is always crucial and Andy recognised from the start that while we can absolutely see changes in the short term, it is a long game and will take time. A bit of consistency and patience can reap unbelievable outcomes!

Andrew Guiry

16.6kg gained for Ben in 60 weeks! 3 inches on the arms, 6 inches on the legs and nearly 10 inches on the chest.

When he got started, Ben told me that his main goal was to build muscle and strength, having tried to do so for a few years but never finding consistency with an appropriate training and nutrition routine to do so. At one stage along the way, he mentioned he’d once reached a peak on the scales of the low 80’s a few years back, but not from the good kind of weight gain. We finished up our gaining phase here at 91kg.

Our next phase will involve dieting back down to tidy up body fat levels, ensuring general health stays in check, as well as helping performance on the pitch (Ben has been playing football most weeks throughout this journey) and aesthetic goals. The goal here will be to maintain and potentially gain further muscle and strength, while steadily reducing body fat.

Aisling got in touch having felt she'd lost her way a bit with her training and nutrition structure. Being peri menopausal, she wanted to get things back in line asap! She clearly had a very successful fat loss journey, while also getting her structure back in place, improving her fitness, strength and muscle mass, running a half marathon and doing a triathlons, while balancing it with working night shifts and having as much social freedom as she wanted to have! 

What I always look for as a coach is the time after a fat loss journey, and this is another area where Aisling excelled in sticking with the approach we agreed on to brilliantly maintain her results and switch the focus more to training performance and toning/muscle gain. In the "after after" photos here, Aisling is eating about 600 calories per day more than in the middle photos and is thriving as a result.

Would you like to achieve results similar to these?

Here's what some of my other clients had to say about their experience!

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