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Your journey begins here

Over the years of helping people to improve their health, fitness and bodies I've learned something very important. That is, we can have all the information in the world but most will still struggle to put it into place consistently without guidance, support and accountability. Someone to cut through the misinformation and provide you with the best approach specifically for you, someone to help you push through the obstacles and curveballs that life throws and someone to make sure you're doing the work needed. That is what I can provide you with.

I'm here to help with whatever goals you have including:​

Weight / fat loss

Muscle gain / toning

Improved energy levels and day to day performance

Improved strength and fitness

Better body confidence and self confidence

Stronger relationship with food

Better overall health and wellness

Improved sleep

Habit building

Stronger mindset


So how does it all work?


After you enquire, I will send you my information pack which covers everything including pricing. If you then choose to sign up, I will send you an in-depth consultation form, taking into account every aspect of your goals, health, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. We will then have a follow up phone or video call if needed to go through everything. From here I will put together your starting plans which will include:

A customised exercise plan based on your goals, the number of days per week you want to train, the type of exercise you want to do, the equipment you have available (be it home or gym based), your past training and injury history, etc. This plan will include video tutorial links for each exercise so you will never be stuck on how to do the exercises safely and effectively. You will also have the option to record videos of yourself doing any exercises from your plan to send to me for analysis and feedback. Your exercise plan might just involve starting with a couple of low intensity walks per week, all the way up to several training sessions per week. It all depends on your starting point and where you want to get to. I will never try to enforce exercise that you don't want to do or don't feel comfortable with.​

A tailored nutrition protocol. The nutrition approach taken will vary hugely from client to client but will usually involve either sample days of eating with options for each meal, nutrition tracking or simply habit based changes. We also may use a combination of 2 or more of those things or move between the approaches as we progress on your coaching journey. My nutrition philosophy is to help you reach your goals while eating food that you enjoy, that covers your nutritional needs and that you can prepare conveniently without needing to spend hours in the kitchen. I am also a huge proponent of fitting in social occasions and a little bit of what you fancy while still progressing towards your goals and this is something I aim to teach all clients.​

Any recommended lifestyle interventions such as changes to your sleep and stress management. These are both often overlooked elements that are crucial to your success with any physical goals you may have. Changes to these aspects aren't easy to make which is why we constantly work at them if needed, to gradually get them to a more helpful place.

A weekly check-in sheet including a daily tracker log. Check-ins are the most vital part of the coaching journey. From your check-in sheet, I will be able to see how exactly how your week has gone and what we need to change for the week ahead, if anything. It's simple to use and provides us with great insight into how everything is unfolding. Each week you will receive in-depth video feedback of your check-in!

A walkthrough video covering everything in your plans. This way you will have both the physical plans to read through, along with a video from me explaining it all. 

When you've got started on your journey, you will have my unwavering support with access to me on WhatsApp and email. My only ask with this is that you can message me at any time, on any day, with any questions or updates you have, but to allow for a 24 hour reply time Monday - Friday and until Monday for any messages sent after 5pm on Friday's. My response times are generally much faster than this but by allowing for this timeframe it means you won't have to wait to send me any questions or updates you have throughout the weeks. My job is to be a problem solver for you and help you overcome any obstacles that we meet along the way so our communication frequency is as much as you need. If you apply yourself to the process, be patient, use my help as much as needed while keeping on top of your weekly check-ins with detail and honesty, it will be impossible to fail.

My coaching is aimed at a wide range of individuals of any age, from beginner to advanced, general population to athletes.

I don't believe in strict meal plans, doing exercise you hate or living a life where you have to restrict yourself from social occasions. I aim to teach every client how to eat food they love, do exercise they enjoy and look forward to and keep their social calendar as busy as they want to, while still making major progress towards their goals. I take an approach of meeting you where you're at and working closely with you to set you up with the best possible chance of success!

I highly recommend for everyone to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks as a starting point (this can be paid weekly, monthly or up front) but I understand that not everyone wants to commit to this duration to start out with so the minimum commitment term for your coaching is 6 weeks. Lasting change takes time to achieve but from this timeframe you can get an idea if the service is a good fit for you while also seeing the early results.

I look forward to hearing from you.

This will be the change that lasts.

Want to see some of the life changing results I've helped my clients to achieve?

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