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My name is Sean Fitzgerald and I am the owner of Adaptive Health.


For as long as I can remember, the only careers I've ever considered pursuing have been in the field of health and fitness. Having struggled with my weight growing up, I was fortunate enough to fall into hobbies and interests that allowed me to control this. I stumbled upon the gym as a means of getting stronger for my sport, and developed better eating habits along with this. At 19 I dropped out of a Public Health degree after 6 months. Not because I was failing, quite the opposite. I knew I wanted to follow my passion and become a Personal Trainer.


Fast forward 7 years. After becoming a qualified PT, getting 3 years experience working in a busy gym, becoming a Certified Nutritionist with MNU - a highly sought after qualification in this industry - and building up Adaptive Health on the side, I made it my full time job in October 2020. I initially started Adaptive Health to take my services to the online space where I truly feel I am in a place to serve as many clients as I can to take control of their own health, fitness and bodies. Running this coaching service is truly my passion.

I aim to coach with friendliness and compassion, while also providing accountability and helping each client to reach their full potential.

Having now worked with 100's of people to take their body, confidence, strength, fitness and energy levels to a place they've never been, I have the experience to work with a wide variety of clients.

I believe everyone deserves to experience feeling fit, strong, energised and capable.

I believe everyone can develop a strong relationship with food and exercise along with confidence in their body and themselves.

I believe everyone can achieve this through sustainable methods that still allow them to enjoy life.

Are you ready to change your life?


Click on my Testimonials page for some proof of my work, or hit that button below to get started now.

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