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My first ever free 5 day challenge kicks off on Monday 16th August!

But hurry, registration for "5 THRIVE" closes Thursday 12th August at 5pm so be sure to jump in on it now.

To register for the free challenge simply fill out the sign up box below!

Over the years of helping people online with their health, fitness and body composition goals, one thing I've realised that I truly love doing is helping people thrive!

For many people, poor habits and routines when it comes to exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress management means that they go from day to day simply just surviving. In my opinion and experience, addressing these areas can play a major part in taking you from "surviving" to "thriving".

I've created this free 5 THRIVE challenge as a catalyst for people who:

- Are low on motivation and don't know where to start.

- Need to get better health and fitness habits in place.

- Are frustrated by a lack of results.

- Have tried a lot of extreme approaches but never get the outcome

- Need a confidence boost

Now I'm not advocating this 5 day group program as a miracle fix.


Far from it.

Having worked with several people on getting into better shape, improving their health, fitness and confidence I know that quick fixes are the last thing people need. So this isn't intended to be another one of those. 

The purpose it will serve is to help people to get started on the path again. To give some clarity on the things we do need to focus on and the things we do not need to focus on. To have some support and accountability in getting the journey going.

That's what the challenge will represent.

It's not a 5 day weight loss challenge. Not a burn as many calories in 5 days as possible challenge. Not a 5 day water fast or detox.

We ain't about that life.

It's 5 days of free information, support and guidance for people who truly want to make changes in a healthy and sustainable way.

So join us in 5 THRIVE if that sounds like you!

The clock is ticking!

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